About us

Ústí Region Film Office is affiliated with the Department of Tourism, which is part of the Department of Regional Development at the Regional Authority of Ústí Region.
The main aims of the Film Office are to promote the region of Ústí and to show its attractiveness for filming both for movies and television, as well as assisting filmmakers as an independent source of information and acting as a mediator in communication with local authorities, the private sector and local residents.


We would like to collaborate with producers and filmmakers in order to make filming in our region as effective and pleasant as possible, encouraging them to return time and time again. Furthermore, we wish to promote the beauty of the Region of Ústí via television and film in order to show it as an attractive tourist destination and to help boost the local economy. We are aware of the benefits that audiovisual production can offer and are therefore looking to actively promote filming in our region.

For filmmakers

The Region of Ústí  is full of diversities and contrasts where filmmakers can discover unique landscapes suitable for almost any cinematic story.

It offers the romantic background of virgin nature in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the enchanting landscape of extinct volcanoes in the Central Bohemian Uplands, the raw beauty of the Ore Mountains, rolling landscape surrounding the Eger River in the Lower Poohří, the canyon of the longest Czech River – the Elbe as well as bizarre and unique locations such as the coal mines characterised by their lunar landscape in the foothills of the Ore Mountains. The region has an abundance of historical sites - castles, vernacular architecture, industrial architecture and a well-preserved network of historic towns in the Lower Poohří which stand in contrast to socially excluded locations, decaying brownfields and vast prefabricated housing estates including the unique town of Most, the only town in Europe to be completely rebuilt on a greenfield site.  (more on www.branadocech.cz)

Ústí Region Film Office is one of the regional partners of the Czech Film Commission. We are aware of the potential needs of film crews and we are ready to facilitate filming in our region. We are gradually building a network of towns, municipalities, institutions as well as private subjects which may be of interest in audiovisual productions.

Dotace & Bulletin

We will help filmmakers with:
Communication with regional authorities and bodies, Guidance on the possibilities and conditions for filming in the region, Sourcing locations and securing tours and accessibility to chosen locations, Recommendations and securing contacts with local suppliers - accommodation and catering services, production agencies, transport companies, regional allowance organizations ,etc. Recruitment for roles and extras.

We also offer:
Professional consultation regarding the region (infrastructure, history, culture, architecture, environmental conditions, etc., Support in promoting a project and its filming, Other specific essentials that may be required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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